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MagRipper .223 / 5.56 rifle magazine speed loader


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Welcome to CroMag Industries Corp.™, a Canadian Veteran-owned and operated small business based in Vancouver, BC. We are driven by a shared passion for innovation and a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who serve in the law enforcement and military communities.



As soldiers in the Canadian Army, we understand the challenges faced by individuals in the military and law enforcement agencies. During our 36+ years of combined service, we often found ourselves frustrated with the limitations of the issued mag charger and wondered why a better solution hadn't been developed. Motivated by our firsthand experiences, we decided to channel our knowledge and skills into designing a superior product: enter the MagRipper®.


Since our launch in July of 2022, the MagRipper® has gained recognition and acceptance among professionals in the field. Our innovative magazine speedloader has become a trusted tool used by individuals in Special Operations Forces around the globe and has been adopted by several law enforcement agencies. Additionally, we are proud to collaborate with over 100 retail stores throughout North America, allowing us to reach and serve a wider audience.


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magripper ar15 rifle speed loader and magazines
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