Our company set out with a vision to create innovative tools to improve the lives of soldiers, law enforcement officers and civilian firearms owners. Our core values are uncompromising quality, extreme durability and unflinching reliability. We pride ourselves in only creating products that we would personally carry and use.

CroMag Industries Corp.™ began as a desire to create a better solution to the problem of loading rifle magazines. The founders were unhappy with the existing solutions that were offered in the military, LEO and civilian firearms communities and wanted to create something better. At the time, the existing magazine loaders were either flimsy, disposable and prone to failure or large and bulky with complex mechanisms. Several of these products (in particular those offered by civilian firearms companies) were impractical for carriage and use in the field. In addition, even the best solutions were composed of cheap plastic materials that would fail in cold weather conditions experienced by soldiers. Out of necessity, the MagRipper™ was conceived.


The initial design for the MagRipper™ consisted of a single arm to guide the rounds, an approach that has been taken by existing companies. The first prototypes were created with filament 3D printers and quickly progressed to CNC machined versions of both aluminium and steel. We quickly discovered that such an approach led to loading failures, as rounds would get twisted and jammed particularly when the stripper clips became deformed through repeated use. Knowing that reliability was of the utmost importance in high- stress environments, we went back to the drawing board and created the foundation of what would eventually become the MagRipper™. The new prototypes utilised a dual-arm-collapsible (DAC) design which retained the portability of a fixed single arm loader whilst dramatically improving the loading reliability.

2019.06.25 - Double-Ended - Partially Collapsed Front and Rear

Whilst refining the DAC design, we continued to pursue both metal and polymer options as a solution to the problem. Through many thousands of hours of testing and research, it became clear that a polymer design was superior in terms of weight savings and loading reliability but lacked the durability that a metal design would offer. Using our in-house SLA 3D printers we tested various polymer compounds but were consistently underwhelmed during our torture testing process.


Our drive for uncompromising quality led us to compounds commonly used in aerospace, the superstructure of ships, and in automotive and civil engineering known as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP.) We worked with a specialist in the Fraser Valley to develop a 20% Carbon Fiber Reinforced Impact-Modified Nylon 6 polymer specific to our needs. Nylon 6 fibers are tough with high tensile strength and elasticity. They are also highly resistant to abrasion as well as acid and alkali chemicals. The Carbon Fiber reinforcement makes the material extremely strong and lightweight. Together, they form a tough, impact-resistant compound with the weight characteristics of polymer but the durability of metal.


Every facet of the MagRipper™ was over engineered and torture tested to unrealistic tolerances. By using bespoke brass hardware with Torx heads, we ensured there would be no interference with navigational aids and high levels of corrosion resistance compared to existing hardware on the market.

Closed Position w MagRipper

Part of our company ethos is sustainability and environmental awareness. We use recycleable boxes, bio-degradeable stickers, and additive manunfacturing to minimize waste. We care about the environment and want to help you on your mission to make the grass grow.

Zero compromises, just grip it and rip it.