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MagRipper magazine speed loader sitting on a pile of 5.56 / .223 stripper clips

5.56 / .223 Stripper Clips

You have to clip it before you can rip it...


Stripper clips let you cut down your loading time dramatically. Rather than storing your ammo loose, clip it up so you can maximize your training time on the range. This is also a great way to pack extra ammo to supplement your loaded magazines, especially in a go-bag where space and weight matters.


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*Only available to customers in Canada & the US*

These polymer stripper clips are manufactured by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Inc and can be found in any Canadian Armed Forces 5.56 x 45 mm NATO ammo can. Each clip can hold up to 10 rounds of 5.56 or .223 ammunition and can be used more than once. In our testing, we have found that they are more durable than the metal US G.I.- style clips which have brass retaining tabs that break over time, rendering the clips useless. They are also much sleeker which means they load smoother and eject faster. As a bonus, they can also be used as smokeless emergency kindling.

Expected to ship by the end of February
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